PIMM ENERGY GROUP provides pipeline construction and maintenance services across North America. Our employees are qualified operators, apprenticeship and journeyman trades-persons, and skilled labourers. Our construction experience is vast from small diameter tie-ins to large diameter cross country pipelines from conventional natural gas to heavy oil. We construct and install a wide range of pipe including: plastic, composite and steel using the right equipment and knowledgeable teams.


PIMM ENERGY GROUP has the construction resources and management needed to build large-scale facility projects the industry requires. With an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence, our area of focus and expertise is major facility construction projects ranging in scope up to $500 million. We assemble an exceptional team of employees with facility construction capabilities for customers in conventional oil and gas, shale gas, CBM (coal bed methane), Williston Basin, and oil sands extraction (SAGD) resource plays.