Below are a few examples of PIMM ENERGY GROUP's projects:

SMR Oil & Gas – Tattoo Shale Gas Wellsite Project

SMR Oil & Gas

This project included the tie-in of two new wells into an existing facility. Above ground process piping and facility process equipment was installed. The project was executed during concurrent operations with a zero loss time incident free environment.

STX Energy Canada – Maxhamish Wellsite & Gathering Sytem Project


The scope of the project consisted of winter freeze down, new lease construction, single & multi well site construction, flex pipeline installation, and pigging facilities. Depending on the wellsite occasionally had above ground existing tie-ins as well.

Devon Canada – Jackfish Pipeline Liner Pull Project

Jackfish Pipeline Liner Pull Project

The project consisted of pulling a 219mm polyurethane line through approx. 10km of existing pipeline. Work was completed within the specifications and guidelines of the client meeting all project expectations.

STX Maxhamish Refridgeration Project

STX Maxhamish Refridgeration Project

This project consisted of the installation of a 20 mmcfd refrigeration plant into an existing facility. As well this project required the installation of a 2 mmbtu/hr heat medium system, 61,700 US gal (233.6 m3) NGL bullet, 590 kW generator upgrade and additional MCC unit was required. This project was accomplished with a zero incident and loss time safety record with in a 45 day onsite construction period.