PIMM ENERGY GROUP has the construction resources and management needed to build large-scale facility projects the industry requires. With an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence, our area of focus and expertise is major facility construction projects ranging in scope up to $500 million. We assemble an exceptional team of employees with facility construction capabilities for customers in conventional oil and gas, shale gas, CBM (coal bed methane), Williston Basin, and oil sands extraction (SAGD) resource plays.

Our employees and work teams are skilled and experienced to get your small to large-scale projects to production and have the resources to mobilize additional skilled personnel and trades persons as needed. PIMM ENERGY GROUP consistently delivers projects on-time, on-budget and with the highest level of safety in the industry, and from this high-standard of quality and excellence.


  • Grass roots gas plants and Compressor Stations.
  • Booster Compressor Stations.
  • Compressor Tear Out and Relocation.
  • Gas plant modifications.
  • Coal bed methane facilities.
  • Plant refrigeration installations.
  • De-ethanizers, De-propanizers, De-butaneizers.
  • Amine, Sulfur, and Vapor Recovery Units.
  • Flare Systems.
  • Rail and Truck Loading Facilities.
  • LPG Bullet Installation.
  • Plant Maintenance and Turn Around.
  • Co-Gen Facilities.
  • Single and Multi Wellsite Facilities.



  • Oil Batteries.
  • Flare Systems.
  • Oil Tank Storage and Terminal Facilities.
  • Rail and Truck Terminal Facilities.
  • CO2 Miscible Floods.
  • Water Floods.
  • Pump and Transfer Stations.
  • Blending Facilities.
  • Water Treatment and Disposal Facilities.
  • Free Water Knock-out Systems, Lact Units and Desecant Units.
  • Condensate Blending Facilities.
  • Steam Generators.
  • Battery Maintenance.